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Avoinna ma-pe klo 10-18 ja la-su klo 10-15

 Suljettuna Juhannuksena (pe-su) 24.-26.6.2022


Shelves + Clothes rail:

40€/ 7 days ( additional days 5,80 €/day )


29€/ 7 days ( additional days 4,20 €/day )

In addition, there is a 5% sales commission of the sales that is accounted.

Rental terms:

- Rental period is 7 days, it may start on any day.

- Rental fee is paid at the time of booking or at the start of the rental period.

- Please inform about the continuation or the ending no later than 4 days.

- Items are for sale at renter's own risk. Aino-kirpputori has no responsibilities on items belonging to the renter.

- Selling items have to be marked clearly with price and sale spot number.

- Prohibit items: adult entertainment, pirated products, any danger causing, perishable goods.

- Keep sale spot clean and tidy for getting better sale.

- In the end of rental period, sale spot should be emptied 30 minutes before closing,so that the payoff of sale can be made.